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PODAST: Locke and load
Join the crew for reviews of what's new in UK cinemas this week: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Magic Magic, Locke, Wrinkles and Rebel Without a Cause. Plus we preview the upcoming Sundance London film festival.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ★★★
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Review by Rich Matthews: This Spider-Man is indeed amazing, but the web spun around him is somewhat clumsy, with too many fuzzy strands to do the wall crawler justice.

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2013 Pubcast Finale
This Is The End
Join Simon Thompson, Mark Brennan, Mark Searby, Andrew Jones, David Watson, Doug Cooper, Christa Ktorides, Steve Boxer and host Stuart O'Connor as Screenjabber takes a look back at 2013 in film and video games.

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Gravity 3D ★★★★★
3D BLU-RAY | Review by Stuart O'Connor: If you saw Gravity in the cinema, you're probably wondeering how well it holds up on the small screen. The good news for those of you with a 3D TV and Blu-ray player is that it holds up very well indeed.

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